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 The Linguistic Centre Team of teachers and students


We are happy to invite all students to the meetings of our 
English Speaking Club
on Wednesdays, at  14:30 and 16:00, room 7/609
with Brian Chung, our guest teacher from the USA  



Students of the Management Faculty invite everyone to watch

Pride and Prejudice at the English Drama Theatre

March, 26 at 17.30 

room 7/609 


We are happy to greet 

Svitlana Kostrytska, the Head of the Department

on the occasion of her anniversary



I place - Polina Galagan

II place - Ivan Mizheritsky

III place - Pavel Volik


Reading: Yaroslav Shyman

Writing: Polina Galagan, Pavel Volik

Listening: Polina Galagan

Speaking: Polina Galagan


14 November 2013 Foreign Languages Department Section of Russian Language for Foreign Students invite you to take part in the open workshop devoted to the International Students’ Day


Those who join this event will have a possibility:

· to see the presentations of the native countries of the foreign National Mining University students from Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Syria,  China, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, Congo and Angola;

· to become aware of the original Ukrainian customs and traditions;

· to participate in the special procedure organised for the first -year students of the National Mining University.

We will be happy to see you in Room 510, Building 7 (O.Gonchara Street) at 14:30.  WELCOME!

Organising Committee


There are so many international exams nowadays, so which one should our students choose? Today we are going to look at the structure and task-types assessed in the LCCI set of exams. LCCI has increased dramatically in its demand recently, and its popularity has led to it being accepted by major international companies and universities.


The department of Foreign Languages and Pearson Education Ltd. invite the students of the National Mining University 

to join Robert Hartigan for the seminar "LCCI: Setting New Goals"

The meeting is to be held October, 25,  2013  

9:30 -11:00  and

11:20 -12:50

Building № 7, room 7/609

The department of foreign languages opens the new academic year 2013/14 

e.rogers с.jpgon September, 2 with meeting Mr. Elvin Rogers, an engineer from the UK

It was an excellent opportunity for students to practice their conversational English and get to know more about life in the UK.

For more photos and video please check  the university web site


In June the second year students of the Management faculty spent a week in Kanaka, a small settlement in Crimea, where they had their linguistic practical training

They share their impressions in a PowerPoint presentation you can download here

Happy birthday , dear Heidi !photo Heidy.jpg

The faculty and students greet Fulbright Specialist Heidi Allen on the occasion of her birthday


Fulbright Specialist Heidi Allen, Associate Professor of the Business Management Technology Department at New England Institute of Technology (RI, USA) joined  the Department of Foreign Languages. For six weeks she will be giving classes, workshops and seminars for graduate and post-graduate students and share her experience with the Department.


IMG_3358.JPG25.10.2012 students of the group МКфе-12 visited the Museum of NMU history named after O.Pol.

Here you can read their impressions:

- The excursion was very interesting and useful. It was a unique opportunity for us to enrich our knowledge about the history of our university as well as the city and country. We were impressed by numerous exhibits and photos. We learned a lot of new facts about our university we hadn’t known before. 

- How many outstanding people we have! That’s great! 

- It’s really important to know the history of university where you study.

- Now we know for sure that we entered the best university of our city or even the whole Ukraine.

- It’s worth visiting the Historical Museum of the National Mining University named after O. Pol.


Elv Rogers.jpg

2012-2013 academic year was opened by the meeting with Elwin Rogers (UK)

More information can be found in NMU news page

Video report on YouTube


Our congratulations to the students of the Faculty of Management who started their linguistic practice.  You can see the process and the results on our wiki page.

12 - 16 December 2011  the Department of Foreign languages invites students to participate in the 67th Students' Scientific conference




I. Mariia Rizun (УД-11-м) 
II. Mykola Amirov (БСіт-11-1)
III. Anna Milovidova (МК-11-1)

10 November 2011

the Department of Foreign Languages is happy to invite all NMU students to take part in      

the English language Competition 

at 9:00 room 7\609

13-14 October 2011

International Scientific and Practical Seminar Challenges and Experiences in Foreign Language Education in the New Millennium: UKRAINE is being held by the Department of Foreign Languages in cooperation with

Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Ukraine  

State Institution of Higher Education "National Mining University"

Osvita Educational Information and Advising Center

Research and Education Center "Geotechnical Systems Stability: Processes, Phenomena, Risks"

Oxford University Press in Ukraine

Institute of Economics of the National Mining University  

During the Seminar the following topics will be highlighted:

• Experience of international co-operation and collaboration in the area of language education

• European dimensions of language education in Ukraine

• The Bologna process in Ukraine: experiences and challenges

• European Credit Transfer System and its implication for foreign languages

• Innovative approaches to developing communicative language competences

• Distance learning: challenges and experience

• ICT and e-learning tools for foreign language teaching/learning

• Lifelong learning and learner autonomy

• Quality Assurance, assessment and evaluation.  

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