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British Councilis one of the most important partners in international cooperation for the Department of Foreign Languages.The Departmental staff took part in the majority of the British Council Ukraine projects for English language teaching at tertiary level: Business English Course Design, the National ESP Curriculum for Universities, National Trainer Development Scheme.

In 2015 our University joined the project English for Universitiescarried out by British Council and the Ministry of Education. This project isaimed at improving already existing practices of teaching English and teaching in English at the tertiary educational level.

In the framework of this project more than 30 language teachers and lecturers of various departments of the National Mining University successfully passed language test APTIS and took part in training sessions delivered by British experts. Teacher Development trainings, which covered the following areas of teaching

  • EAP (English for Academic Purposes),
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and
  • EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction),
were held in Kyiv (24-29 November, 2015) and Lviv (1-6 December, 2015)

We are happy to share valuable practices and experiences gained during these events with our colleagues from other universities. Please follow the announcements for seminars and trainings given by the project participants on ourNews pageand onFacebook.Those who couldn't attend the events can find the presentations, handouts and othermaterials here:

Dissemination Event Materials


The Department of Foreign Languages constantly participates in various international exchange programs.

One of the most significant isFulbright Program of Scientific/Academic Exchanges. These programs enhance the quality of teaching and raise the educational level of the university students by giving scholars and professionals from all over the world the chance to work at the NMU.

Fulbright Specialists

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