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Here you can find some of the best presentations prepared by the participants of the International Forum for Students and young Researchers "Widening Our Horizons" 


Ірина Булич, НГУ, Passive strategy for building. Healthy Schools

Станіслав Прошин, НГУ,  Slope Monitoring Methods

Дмитро Сай, НГУ, Outstaffing



  1. T. Marchenko, “Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine” Sumy Ukraine's Membership in the WTO: advantages and disadvantages
  2. M. Кіzilova, NMU, Dnepropetrovsk,  Analysis of the Trends of Spreading Innovations in the European Union
  3. G. Yeliseyeva, «KROK» University, Kyiv Transfer Pricing as Economic Mechanism of a TNC
  4. V. Lozynskyy, NMU, Dnepropetrovsk  Mathematical Model of Rockmass Behaviour in Underground Coal Gasification

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