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Dr. Stacy Lewis Hutchinson, a professor ofBiological and Agricultural Engineeringat Kansas State University, will work at theNationalMining University as a Fulbright Specialist in engineering education for five weeks in October/November, 2016.

During her time with NMU, Dr. Hutchinson will provide technical lectures to students on hydrology, environmental monitoring, and watershed assessment and management. She will also conduct 4 teaching workshops on active student learning and the engineering accreditation process in the United States. In the spirit of the Fulbright program, she enjoys international collaborations and working towards sustainable, global solutions for water management. In addition to her Fulbright at the National Mining University, Ukraine, she works with Jilin University, Changchun, China and Ecole dIngénieurs Purpan, Toulouse, France.

Hereyou can findthe materials sharedby Dr. Hutchinson during her seminars and workshops for students and faculty


Brian Chungworked at the NMU as an English Teaching Assistant during academic year 2014-15.

Mr. Chung graduated from Boston College (Massachusets, US) with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a minor in geological sciences and East European Studies in 2014. "He hopes to use his English language knowledge and mathematical / science backgrounds to offer university students the oppotunity to broaden their technical horizons" (Fulbright newsletter)

In March 2013 the National Mining University again participated in an exchange sponsored by the Fulbright SpecialistProgram (FSP) which promotes linkages between U.S. academics and professionals and their counterparts at host institutions overseas.


Heidi Allen, a business professor from New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island, USA, arrived in March for a six-week stay at NMU. Heidi has a Masters in Teaching ESL and a doctorate in law with 30 years of teaching experience in business and ESL.

During her stay, Heidi taught English and business classes for students, participated in conferences and seminars, arranged for the training of teachers and provided teaching materials. The exchange was a success for everyone involved; the teachers and students improved their English and learned about the American culture, and Heidi developed a respect and understanding for Ukraine and its culture.


In September and October 2011 Dr. Virginia F. Kleist from West Virginia University (USA) worked at the Department of Foreign languages as a Fulbright scholar in Ukraine.

HERE, you can find Prof. Kleist students' feedback about their cooperation.

In 2010 the Department enjoyed the privilege to work with Jennifer Herrin, Tejen workshop.jpgacher Trainer at Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Program, Specialist in TEFL at Fulbright Specialists Program .

Jennifer's seminars, workshops and master-classes enabled teachers to try out new innovative techniques and approaches of teaching English and students - to study English and their special subjects with the native speaker.

More information on this visit can be found in Fulbright Ukraine Yearbook 2009-2010

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