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Teaching Staff

The Department is headed by Prof. Svitlana KostrytskaКострицкая С.И.jpg

Currently there are 15 teachers at the Department, including 6 Assistant Professors, 7 senior teachers and 2 assistant teachers.

Most of the teachers have international certificates in teaching foreign languages and are the members of international teacher associations such as IATEFL, TESOL, DAAD, etc.

Owing to the efforts of all teachers, the Department is ranked as one of the innovators in teaching foreign languages and serves as a successful provider of the appropriate learning outcomes for its students.

While teaching the Department use learner-centred and learning-centred approaches to teaching and motivating students to learn foreign languages and to help them acquire language easily, develop their independence and autonomous learning skills necessary for lifelong learning. 

  1. Viktoria Gubkina, Senior teacher, English 
  2. Natalya Dyachok, Associate Professor, teacher of English
  3. Valentyna Zabolotnikova, senior teacher of English
  4. Lyudmyla Zaika, Senior teacher, English
  5. Iryna Zuyenok, Associate Professor, teacher of English   
  6. Iryna Ivanchenko, assistant teacher, English 
  7. Mariya Isakova, Associate Professor, teacher of English
  8. Viktoriia Lapina, Associate Professor, teacher of English
  9. Nataliia Nechai, senior teacher of English
  10. Nelli Poperechna, Assistant Professor, teacher of English   
  11. Viktoria Sukhova, assistant teacher, English
  12. Valeriya Tykhonenko, senior teacher of English
  13. Larysа Tokar, Senior teacher, English 
  14. Oksana Khazova, senior teacher of English
  15. Iryna Yaremenko, Assistant Professor, teacher of German 
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